Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

Small Business Loans Alternative

Unsecured funding for small businesses seeking working capital for growth. From £50k to £200k arranged quickly, easily and interest-free.

Get funded

Four easy steps to unsecured small business funding

  1. Apply online in minutes

    Tell us about your business on our simple online form.

  2. Inhouse check

    We approve based on your business performance. Our soft search does not impact your credit score.

  3. Decision in two days

    You'll get a funding offer in less than 48 hours, if your application is approved.

  4. Receive your funds

    Receive the money within 2 days of your offer being funded.

Ethical alternative to small business loans

Get funded up to £200k over 36 months using a socially responsible alternative to a small business loan. Our values-based finance product operates in line with Sharia-compliant principles, meaning it's based on a commitment to community. It's also a competitive and accessible method of business finance, that's flexible and cost-effective.
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Small business loans delivered another way

Let us help you get the finance you need. We help ambitious UK-based small businesses raise the money they need to fund growth. Our solutions are not small business loans; they're funding solutions that offer all the same benefits and flexibility. Need funds to improve your cashflow and invest in your future? Talk to us today.

Just as flexible as small business loans

  1. Funding for growth

  2. Repayable over 36 months

  3. Fast application and approval

  4. No assets required for security

  5. Interest-free, just an agreed fee

  6. Ease pressure on cashflow

Accelerate growth with our small business loans alternative

Having up to £200k available as working capital can give your business significant commercial advantage. It allows you to budget for growth activities, such as opening new facilities or expanding an existing site. Alternatively, you could invest the money in additional inventory or a marketing program designed to broaden your market share.Our business loan alternative gives you all the same benefits as a traditional bank loan, but it's certified as Sharia-compliant and is not considered to be a loan.

Benefits of our small business loans alternative

Through our small business loan alternative, you can access funding of between £50,000 and £200,000. Put this to work to develop and grow your business.  

Short-term benefits

  1. Ease cash flow pressure

  2. Finance inventory purchases

  3. Bridge accounts receivable

Long-term benefits

  1. Upgrade your facilities

  2. Develop a new market

  3. Hire more staff

Growth funding for your small business

Finance of £50k to £200k available, repayable over 36 months. Helping you take your business to the next level.

  • Apply easily in just minutes

    We only ask for the details we absolutely require to make a decision. The application process is as quick and easy as we can make it.

  • You don't put up assets as security

    The funding you receive from us is not tied to any asset in your business. This allows you control over managing your own business assets.

  • Get funded fast

    When your offer is fully funded you receive the money within two working days, giving you swift access to the working capital you need.

  • You choose where to invest the funds

    You know how best to put the money to work in your business in order for it to deliver a good return. You have significant control over the working capital raised.

Give your business competitive advantage

  • More working capital gives you more opportunities.

    With more money available for you to invest in growth activities, you can have more purchasing power at your disposal, which you can use to move fast when an opportunity arises.

  • Unlock time to plan ahead

    Juggling tight cashflow is time consuming and frustrating. With more business finance available, you can put more time into planning for your future.

What our customers say about Qardus

Testimonials from small business owners who've raised money through us.

I was looking for affordable Sharia-compliant financing to support the expansion of my niche healthcare consultancy business and Qardus was able to provide a solution which suited my requirements. They were very efficient and professional and their technology platform was great. Overall, an excellent finance provider with no hassle, and I would highly recommend.

Mohammad Yasin, Director My Consultancy Group Limited

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How our finance differs from small business loans

Discover a cost-effective alternative to a business loan.

  1. There are no interest rate worries

    The Qardus finance product is interest-free. Instead, we charge a pre-agreed fee that's taken from the funds raised before they are paid to you.

  2. Business funding with an ethical edge

    We believe in a values-based approach to business funding, where the good of the community sits at the heart of what we do.

  3. Sharia-compliant business finance

    Being Sharia-compliant means our finance is in line with Islamic principles of finance and business. It's open to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

  4. We use crowdfunding

    We leverage the power of community. You're not borrowing from a single lender; you're benefiting from a community approach that gives all the same advantages as a business loan.

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